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Surprise A College Student With These Great Gift Ideas


Getting great gift ideas for college students can be quite the challenge. If your child is currently a college student, it is highly likely that they have been away from home for a long time. This probably makes you unsure as to how much their tastes have changed, or whether they have changed at all. Fortunately, coming up with a good gift idea for college students can be quite easy, if you know what and where to look. To help you out with this quandary, we shall offer a number of our college student gift ideas.

Tech gadgets

small gift boxDespite the fact that college students are not among the wealthiest of people, they are still, nevertheless, heavily into the latest tech gadgets. If you have the budget, you can surprise your college student with a sleek laptop, or some of the latest smartphones. In addition to being highly entertaining, these gadgets can also be very useful for educational purposes as well. Students can use them to download learning materials and tutorial podcasts to prepare better for their courses. They can also use them to write their seminar papers, create presentations and take important notes during classes.


If laptops and smartphones are a bit out of your financial reach, a great alternative would be a smart pen. These small devices allow students to take class notes more traditionally. What is special about them is the fact that students can download the notes from their smartpens to their computers and convert them to typed font. This way, they can get a head start on their course papers when they have some spare time between the classes.

Care packages

Even if it is not a holiday season, there is hardly a college student who doesn’t like to receive a nice, well-though out care package. To surprise your child in a great way, make sure to send out some baked goods. To complement this, you can also send a nice piece of art from a nephew, niece, or some other young sibling the college student is close to. If you want to add a bit of fun and silliness, consider adding a bubble bath, some funny cards or various games. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you send. What matters is that you show care and affection.

Magazine and online show subscriptions

It is no secret that students read most of their time. However, that doesn’t mean they should read nothing but their class notes and books. During their spare time, they should read something light and relaxing. Therefore a clothing magazine or a sports one can be a great choice. Also, they probably also like to watch their favorite TV shows in their spare time. However, since that spare time is pretty scarce, they usually don’t have the time to regularly watch the episodes. To help them out with this small problem, try surprising them with a DVD or Blueray containing their favorite show, or an online show subscription.

A new backpack

2 gift boxesGiven how often they use them, your college student’s backpack or a laptop case probably go through a lot of wear and tear, all throughout the year. These are essentials without which no student can efficiently conduct their studies. With this in mind, a new, quality backpack or a laptop case should be at the top of your gift considerations.…