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Choosing The Best Ring For Your Wedding Day

The ritual of exchanging rings at a wedding records as far back as times of the ancient Romans and Egyptian and Roman. During their marriage celebrations, it was only the bride who would wear a ring, and the ring signified her commitment to her husband. Nowadays, people take the circular shape of the ring as a symbol of eternity. That is a love that would neither end nor be infringed. And hence before your friends and you family, you and your spouse exchange vows and the pledges.

After that, you wear your ring that signifies your marriage. Choosing the right rings for your wedding should be a process for the engaged couple. However, some factors remain constant.

These factors to consider as you would see in this article.

Metallic Properties

Concerning materials, wedding rings are metallic. However, the element of the metal is different.

  • Yellow gold being one of them, it’s an excellent choice. In general, there are four options of Yellow gold. The 22ct, 18ct, 14ct or 9ct. These rings have a combination of stronger metals hence their demand is high.
  • White gold wedding rings in most cases have rhodium plating to intensify their appearance. Although this plating wears off with time, you can reapply it, and the ring would look new again.

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  • Platinum – These wedding rings are currently becoming more popular with most of the modern couples. This white colored metal is sturdy and able to withstand the normal tear and wear. It’s more expensive than gold but will last longer
  • Titanium is another modern ring metal. It’s scratch-resistant and also it feels light while wearing it. The other metals are tungsten carbide Zirconium, and black zirconium. These are contemporary metals holding similar properties.

Shape of the Rings

When we come to the shape of the ring, remember that you are choosing something that would always remain with you. Not a one-day thing. In this case, there is a shaped wedding ring which is also called the fitted or the curved wedding ring. These rings have different designs. There is a pronounced Z-shape, a delicate curve, or a cut-out in the ring. The shape of a ring is critical to consider either you want it shaped or not, always look at the ring profile.


These are things like diamond or different precious gemstones. You may notice that diamond-set rings are growing more fashionable and are more familiar not only with women but also for men. This could be preferable because they are providing a sparkly backdrop.

Budget and size

The much you want to spend on the rings and size depends on you. It’s obvious that you’ll meet various styles priced accordingly, so whatever you think your ring should be worth, go for it. In consideration of the size, just reflect on the length and thickness of your fingers. Other things to consider are arthritis and conditions that may make the fingers to swell.

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The choice of your ring in your wedding ceremony will have a significant impact on how peaceful you will be. A right selection of the ring makes the event fantastic, free of frustrations. Check your budget, check the size of your fingers, consider health issues and then choose the right one.…