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folding bike inside car

Tips for buying folding bikes

Folding bikes come in all shapes and sizes. The first thing when buying a folding bike should, therefore, be what type of folding bike is suitable for your use. You will find the different types of folding bikes. There are four types:

  • The compact folding bike
  • The cheap folding bike
  • The folding city bike
  • The special folding bike



folding bikeEach of these folding bikes has its characteristics. Thus, a compact folding bike is particularly suitable when much of the traveling around you is public transport. The folding bike is better for longer travel distances. Under the category of special folding bikes are the likes of mountain bike and tandem.

Traveling by a folding bike

The folding bicycle is the ideal means of transportation for use on the road. When you travel with folding bikes, you have to take into account the rules governing public transport.

Advantages and disadvantages folding bike

The folding bike is a unique means of transport. You can move relatively quickly thanks to the bicycle and can also take advantage of the compactness of the transport. If you still doubt whether the folding bike in your situation is suitable, it is wise to weigh the folding together with the pros and cons. By this information, you can determine whether the benefits in your case outweigh the disadvantages.

Have you decided to buy a folding bike? Then comes the hardest part, choose the correct folding bike! There are available on the internet, and in bike shops, innumerable types of folding bikes and demand continue to grow. To make a good choice, it is important to take into account of the following things:

  • The purpose of which you are going to use the bike
  • Practical issues such as weight, comfort, and gears
  • The price
  • The appearance

Folding marks

In the search for the perfect folding bike, you are eligible with many different brands that each have their qualities and appearance. For example, there is the well-known brand that manufactures Brompton folding bikes only, but there are also well-known bicycle manufacturers like Gazelle that is nowadays folding bikes in the collection. Depending on your needs regarding price, usage and look a certain brand may be better suited for you.


Sometimes it requires a lot of headaches. For a beginner all the way. With the help of the manual and some experience, you can succeed on all bicycles within minutes and even seconds for the bikes with the best design.


The smaller the wheel, the less space the folded bike. Unfortunately, small wheels also ensure that your ride will be somewhat more uncomfortable and less secure.


In your hilly course, choose a bike with multiple gears. Some models have only 1. Other brands have more; some brands also offer several options on the same model. A system with gear wheels is more sensitive to shocks than an accelerating mechanism in the wheel hub.


Essential for the portability. Some weigh 15 kg. Train your muscles so!


Note of course that your bike in the storage space can where you want to save him.


Also, the size of the cyclist is of importance. Some bikes are not suitable for large cyclists. Do a test drive before you buy the bike.


This varies greatly. Interested in supermarkets can be interesting. The most expensive models cost € 1500 yet may not be the best models.


folding bike on roadWith a drive belt, you must never lubricate your chain. The same goes for a drive shaft but aggravates the bike, though. Note that the chain does not expire every time you open or close the folding bike.…